Monday Night Chat

Come join us every Monday night at 8:30 P.M. Eastern time for fun And information sharing about all things crafts.

We meet via a telephone conference call and discuss issues related To the division and how others work at their craft from a blindness Perspective.

Simply call: 605 475 4000 and enter Participant Access Code: 966659#.

This is a free service but it is a long distance number.

You do not have to be a paid member to join our chats.


If you have any questions regarding a particular chat please Contact,  

Nella F



2 – Wreath Making Basics

Host: Sharon from seasonal creations
Tanya’s sister, Sharon will join us to discuss beginning wreath Making. Sharon will share hints and suggestions for making Wreaths for all seasons.

9 – Halloween

Host: Nella
Please join us to discuss ideas for creating costumes, decorating Your home, and pumpkin carving.

16 – Custom Gift Bags

Host: Terry Knox
Terry will teach us how to make our own gift bags with paper of Our choice. the bags can be made in all sizes.

23 – Dehydrating Basics

Host: Cindy Zimmer
Cindy will share information with us about how to dry some of our Favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs. healthy snacks, trail mix, And gifts can be made with dehydrated foods.

30 – Photography with the Iphone

Host: Jody and Tanya
Have you ever wanted to snap a picture of your latest craft project, But did not know how? here is your chance to learn how. Jody and Tanya will be teaching us how to take a photograph, label it and Then share it with others.


6 – Social Etiquette

Host: Barbara Pierce
Barbara Pierce, also known as Miss Whozit will be joining us to Discuss how to manage those awkward social occasions.  she will Advise us on hosting events, attending events, dressing Appropriately and using good table manners.  most of us will be Attending lots of social events during the holidays, so now is the Perfect time to learn how to mind our manners.

13 – Dog Bone Wreath

Host: Terry Knox
Would you like to learn to make a gift for your favorite canine Companion?
Terry will instruct us in how to make a festive holiday wreath Using dog treats.  this wreath makes the perfect gift for the dogs in Your life and your dog loving friends and family members.

20 – Creating Festive Holiday Center Pieces

Host: Jill
Here is an opportunity for everyone to share their center piece Ideas with the group.  let us discuss how to dress up those tables With candles, greenery, fruit and so much more.

27 – Annual Cookie Exchange

Host: Nella
Everyone please show up with your favorite cookie recipes.  we Will discuss everything cookie; how to make them, decorate them and how to store them.  so, leave your diets behind And crowd into The kitchen.


4 – Everything Christmas
Host: Terry Powers

Here is your opportunity to discuss ornaments, decorating or gift Presentation.  this chat is open for any Christmas related topic.  so, Put on your Santa hat, reindeer antlers or jingle bells and come on In.

11 – Party Talk

Host: Nella
If you want to rehash the KK Christmas party here is your chance.  if You want some last-minute hostess or guest advice, KK is here to Help.  we will discuss what to serve, what to bring and what to Wear.  everyone is welcome; it is party time.

18 – Holiday Memories

Host: Deb Barnes

Do you have a favorite holiday memory that you would like to Share?
Let us reminisce about the past.  everyone come in, pull up a chair And share some of your favorite holiday memories and Experiences.

25 – No Chat