Loom Knit Flat Paneled Scarf

Class Name: Loom Knit Flat Paneled Scarf

Instructor: Henry OCraft Category: loom knitting
Class format: phone
Class Dates: November 28, and December 5, 2017
Class time: 8 PM eastern
Sign Up Deadline: November 21, 2017

Class Description:
Second in the series of beginner loom knitting classes, we will learn to make an easy scarf. We will be using the e-wrap stitch and learning the purl stitch.

Skills needed:
Know how to make the eWrap stitch.

Supplies Needed:
• Large gage, round loom;
• 3 skeins of stretchy yarn, like woolies thick and quick;
• loom tool;
• large eyed needle;
• scissors

Where can you get supplies?
Any craft store
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