Contest Information

Krafter’s Korner Contest Information

Who can participate?

KK paid members.

 Not a member?  That’s easy to change!  Come and join the fun! We don’t want you to miss out on anything. Sign up on our

membership page.  


When are the contests?

Krafter’s Korner will be having monthly contest, quarterly contest and end of the year contests.  We will keep you posted on the calendar, listzserv and the current Contest page. to learn about dates and prizes. 


How do I participate?

Watch the list, come to Monday Night Chat and check the current Contest Page. When you are ready to submit   your entry, send an email to the contest committee. Our information will be tabulated throughout the year.  The winners will be announced for each Contest.


How do I earn points?   Check out the Treasure Hunt Page to see all the ways you can earn points from now through the end of May.


Why earn these points?

When you participate in an activity, and submit your email to the contest committee, we add up all of those points.  In the middle of June, there will be a Grand Prize of $500.00 given to the participating member with the most points.  You have to send those emails to the Contest Committee to ensure you get all of your points.


Would you like to know who the winners are, go check out our winners wall page.


Good luck!!! And  Have Fun!!!