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November Contest


November is Cookie Monster’s favorite month!  He loves cookies! I love cookies!  Do you love cookies?  Hope so!  In case you’re still wondering, the theme for the November Contest is “COOKIES”!  Yum! Yum!  Yep, I know, what’s cookies got to do with crafts?  You tell me. What craft ideas are inspired using this theme?


Here’s some thought provokers:

How can you decorate cookies?

How can you display your cookies?

How can you package them to be given as a gift?

Did you know you could make recipe cards, decorate them with stamps or stickers and give them to family and friends for Christmas?

Have you thought about using cookie cutters on a wreath?

What can you make on those looms, needles or sewing machine to enhance that cookie gift?

Can you make a carrier, box, etc. to gift those cookies?

Can you make a recipe box out of plastic canvas?

I hope this is enough questions to get those creative juices flowing.  I’m not much of a crafter but I do have a very good imagination, so let’s start thinking!


Now that you’ve accepted this challenge, please share the craft ideas on list.  Don’t forget to use that cc field and submit an entry into the monthly contest.   If you have a delicious cookie recipe please send it to


Have you looked at your calendar?  This is the third and final month of the first quarter of Krafters Korner contest.  Do you want to win a prize?  Since this is a real contest, YOU have to enter the contest in order to have a chance of winning. The only requirement to enter is be a paid member.  You get your money’s worth!


I know you’ve heard something about “points”. The first Quarter contest winner is determined by your number of points, so participate in the fun activities.


Why are we doing all of this?

In case you didn’t know, KK is celebrating our 10th Anniversary.  Celebrating involves fun and festivities, so join us in the fun!


Please remember that there will be two winners at the end of November: 1 is a winner from the Monthly Contest.  This is a name randomly selected from those who submit participation information to the contest email address.  The second winner is the person who has accumulated the most points over the last three months.

Good luck!!