Basic Hand Sewing Techniques

Class Name: Basic Hand Sewing Techniques

Instructor: Ramona W
Craft Category: sewing
Class format: phone
Class Date: January 18, 2018
Class time: 8:30 eastern
Sign Up Deadline: January 11, 2018

Class Description:
We will make a pillowcase.
We will sew two pieces of fabric together with a simple running stitch; we will discuss ways to make that stitch stronger; we will prepare an edge for hemming and learn the overcast stitch; we will demonstrate how to make the simple pillowcase using the flat seam and the hemming stitch. Pillowcase can be any size you’d like.

Skills needed:
Be able to thread a needle and to hold needle in one hand and fabric in the other.

  • Supplies Needed:
    • Fabric of the size and type you would like for your pillowcase
    • Sewing Needle
  • pins (either straight or safety)
    • Scissors
    • Measuring tape
    Where can you get supplies?
    Any fabric store.

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