Kane Brewer Fund

Kane – Brewer Membership Fund

This fund was established in memory of John Kane and Dan Brewer, for their overwhelming support and encouragement. These two individuals recognized the importance of crafting in the lives of others. Through their dedication, they inspired us all to share our creativity and abilities with others.

The Kane – Brewer Membership Fund Is a unique opportunity for you to help introduce or expand the knowledge of crafting to persons who would otherwise be unable to fund their NFB Krafters Division membership dues. Applications ( held in confidence) for this assistance will be accepted during the month of April each year. The applications will be reviewed in May by the membership committee and recipients will be notified in June of the same year.

If you would like to help others embark on their journey of crafting, this fund is an excellent opportunity.

Donations can be made by paypal 

Or checks sent directly by mail to our treasurer.

If you would like to personalize your donation, you may submit it in memorium, in recognition, or in honor. For instance, you might want to donate in memory of a passing, commemorate a special event, express gratitude, or publicly acknowledge a job well done. Also for those who have   beloved animals, feel free to express your love in this manner. These acknowledgements will be displayed on the NFB Krafters Division Page of Honor.

To visit this Page of Honor, Please follow the link below.

Special Recognition