Christmas Party Info Page

Christmas party info page
Come and participate in the Christmas party. There will be new and exciting things happening this year. Read further to get all the details so you can participate in all the fun.

When is the party?
December 10 at 4:00 PM eastern, 3:00 PM central, 2:00 Pm Mountain, 1:00 PM Pacific time.
We will be meeting via conference call at 605-475-4000, access code 966659#.

Door Prizes
Many door prizes will be given away during the party. in Order to be in the drawing, you must register to attend the Christmas party by going to the Christmas Party page AND SIGNING UP.

If you would like to donate a small door prize, please contact Terry K concerning your donation.

We will also be having a gift exchange and opening our gifts during the party. This year we will exchange unique mugs.
1. Join the exchange by sending Terry K your Name, Mailing Address and Email address no later than October 31. In return, you will be sent an email telling you to whom you will send a gift mug.

2. Shop for a special Mug for your person. This can be a Mug from the
Area you live in, Example: “Welcome to Myrtle Beach SC, printed on the mug. It can be a wonderful Christmas Mug with a beautiful scene on it. You can purchase a Personalized Mug from the They print anything. You can have your exchange partners name and any message you want placed on it for a small amount. You can shop for an unusual Mug from many websites; they will even ship it for you. You can create a Mug by knitting a cover or any craft you make for a plain Mug. Send someone a half a Mug for those who only want a half a cup. Send a travel Mug, there are so many choices and it is a gift that might become a favorite send and purchased by you for the 2017 Christmas gift.

3. Have your gift shipped to your gift person the week after
Thanksgiving, to keep it time sensitive. It is supposed to arrive by the party date of December 10, to be used the day of the party.

Would you like to receive a gift from Krafters Korner?
Each year for the Christmas Party, the Board sends a small gift to each member. This year it will be a little different but the same. Below I will list the steps you must take to receive your gift this year. It is up to each member to follow the instructions and send for your gift. Because it is the Tenth anniversary, you will receive this gift without needing to send postage. Instead, the gift will be sent free matter for the Blind.

1. You must send an email to my personal email address, not to the listserv. In the Subject line you must write, “My Christmas Gift.” In the body of this email, you MUST place your current mailing address. Your First and Last Name, Street Address and the Number or PO Box, City, State, and Zip Code.
I will use the address you have written in your email to send you your package. Please be certain you have included all the required information

2. At the bottom of your email, please include your email address and phone number if desired. When I receive your request, I will let you know that you are on the list.

3. The mailing will be send out after November 1 using free matter for the blind.

4. There will be only 35 gifts made and when those are gone, no more will be made. So get your request in soon.

Terry K

Come one, come all, bring family and friends and help us celebrate the holiday!