Winner’s Wall


Welcome to Winner’s Wall! This is where you will find the names of ALL the 10th Year Anniversary Contest Winners. The Winners of each Monthly Contest are randomly selected. The winner of the Quarterly Contest is arrived by a different process. Each member participates in activities on the “Treasure Hunt for Points” list. When the activity is completed, that information is submitted to the Contest email address. This information is read and the assigned number of points is tallied. At the end of the quarter, the member with the MOST points is the winner. All of the points remain on the talley sheet until the end of the thirdquarter, then the member with the MOST points accumulated through out the year is the winner of the Yearly Contest.

Quarter one: September, October and November


Monthly winners in first quarter

September-Cathy Flesher received a braille book on Friendship Shawl patterns.

October-Tammy Freitag received an apple recipe with all the ingredients she would need to make it.

November-Terry Knox received a  embroidered holiday apron.


 Quarter one Winner-
Cindy Zimmer received an amazon echo.



Quarter Two: December, January and February-Terry K
Please note that December and January prizes are combined.


Monthly winners in Second quarter

December/January:Courtney Smith won a $20 gift card to “Blind Mice Mega Mall.
February-Becky Frankenburger won 6 skeens of blue yarn.


 Quarter two Winner-Terry K


Quarter Three: March April and May


Monthly winners in third quarter




 Quarter three Winner



Grand Prize Winner

Thanks to all participants, sponsers, organizers, and anyone else that had a part in this event!