AP Body Therapy

AP Body Therapy

Annie Pineda LMT


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Loom-knitted Washcloth $5

These washcloths are loom-knitted with cotton yarn for gentle scrubbing of your delicate skin, they make clean up a breeze and are machine washable.

Available in white, blue, and purple; colors may vary.


Soap-sack $7

Keep track of your soap during travel or camping and gently scrub your delicate skin. These loom-knitted” soap bags double as scrubbers, are easily refilled with any soap bar and are made using cotton yarn for easy washing. Available in white, blue, and purple; colors may vary.


Soap-in-a-Sack $12

Great for on-the-go or just hanging in the shower, this bundle soap sack and your choice of any soap bar will make scrubbing your skin or washing your hands a walk in the park. You’ll have your soap cake in the palm of your hand, though I would not recommend eating it.


Soap-Bar $5.00.

Each hand-crafted soap bar is made from all-natural ingredients; available in mint, lavender, mint eucalyptus, blend, and lavender mint blend.


Skin-Balm $7

A proprietary blend of Shea and cocoa butters, coconut and almond oils, and just a touch of beeswax; choose from lavender, mint, rose, or contact me for custom cents.


Lotion Bars $5

These hand-crafted solid lotions are made with all-natural ingredients from start to finish. A proprietary blend of mango, and shea, olive and coconut oils with a touch of beeswax gives these bars a luxurious feel on your skin that will moisturize and protect your skin. These are available in mint, lavender, rose, apple-cinnamon, berry, vanilla, and more. Contact me for custom scents.


Body Butter $10

almond, coconut olive oils combine with Shea and mango butter to create a soft luxurious feeling moisturizer for your skin. Choose from cool mint, dreamy sleep, and rose.


Shower tabs five for $5 or 12 for $10

these handcrafted all-natural single use tablets come in packs of five or 12 to use, simply place one in the far corner of your shower and bring in your choice of, citrus burst, rose, lavender, mint, or contact me for customs cents.


Spa-sticks $3.50

These aromatic inhalers are made with therapy grade essential oils and blended to fit your needs; choose lavender for relaxation, mint eucalyptus for easy breathing, or peppermint for easing a headache. Contact me for custom aromatherapy blends.


Note: minimal labeling allows for ways to print or braille on all products, please specify your preference when you place your order.

Knitted products are often made to order.

Products ship every Monday, Wednesday and Friday depending on order volume.


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Phone: 720-601-8112

Email: Anniep.massage@gmail.com

Address: Littleton, CO