Christmas Bowl Cozy

Class name, Christmas Bowl Cozy

Instructor, Jill R

Craft type, sewing, either by hand or machine

Class format, phone

Class dates, Friday, August 23 and 30

Class time, 8:00 PM Eastern

Sign up deadline, August 16


Class description:

This as a beginner sewing machine class. This project could also be done by hand stitching as well. You will learn to make a Christmas bowl cozy. No more burning those hands when removing a nice bowl of soup from the microwave!  You will learn to cut squares of cotton fabric and do straight stitching with a machine or by hand.   These would be a great Christmas gift for all your friends and family!

Skills needed:

Cutting with scissors, threading a needle, using a sewing machine, be able to measure accurately   Be able to hand stitch

These all can be at the beginner level of each skill.


Supply list:

  • spool of 100% cotton sewing thread and matching or contrasting color to fabric.
  • package of rap and zap 100% cotton batting made by Pellon
  • Scissors
  • straight pins
  • safety pins
  • needles
  • sewing machine
  • ruler or measuring tape
  • masking tape
  • needle threader
  • Please note, it is very very very important that all portions of this project are made with 100% cotton! Polyester and or nylon can overheat a microwave! This could cause a spark!


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