Fleece Easter Tote Bag

Class name, Fleece Easter Tote Bag

Craft type, sewing

Instructor, Tammy R

Class format, zoom

Class date, March 16,

Class time, 3:00 p.m. Eastern

Sign up deadline, March 9


Class description:

This is the first class in the series of adaptive sewing & fabric crafting techniques.

In our March project we will be stitching together a 13-inch Fleece Easter Tote Bag using a plastic needle and fleece strips to lace together two 13-inch fleece squares with tactile bordered holes. The tote bag comes with two tote straps already sewn on the top center of each 13-inch square.

The fleece fabric is a vibrant purple on the outside and vibrant green on the inside, and we will decorate the front of the bag with stick on appliqués of two white Easter bunnies, several multi colored Easter Eggs, and a multicolored Butterfly.  The appliqués are applied with double sided fabric tape already applied to back.


Skills needed:

This project is of fairly simple complexity and just requires ability to use your sense of touch to put fleece ribbon through plastic needle eye, lace needle and ribbon through tactile bordered holes in fabric, and to tie a few simple knots.  We will go through steps to put together as a group. This No Sew project involves lacing a plastic needle with ribbon and lacing through pre-drilled holes in fabric with tactile borders to guide lacing by touch.

Supply list:

Purchase these kits for $8 plus shipping from the Mitsykit website by using the link below. All precut fabric and supplies to complete the project will be included.

Order deadline is February 26 to enable you to get your kit in time for class!



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