Hand Sewing Class 101 With Adaptive Tools

Class name, Hand Sewing Class 101 With Adaptive Tools

Craft type, sewing

Instructor, Tammy R

Class format, zoom

Class date, April 22

Class time, 7:00 p.m. Eastern

Sign up deadline, April 12


Class description:

In this class we will learn how to thread a hand sewing needle with a wire diamond needle threader using our sense of touch and some adaptive techniques.  We will also go over how to double thread your needle, tie a knot in the end of the thread, how to perform a running and back stitch, and how to tie off your sewing when you are needing to re-thread or end your project.

Skills needed:

  • Ability to feel and distinguish between the blunt end and pointed end of a hand sewing needle
    – Finger dexterity to manipulate a small threader and hand sewing needle as guided by instructions
    – Ability to feel thread when wrapped around a finger
    – Ability to use scissors to cut thread

Supply list:

  • The following is a description of supplies needed, you can either provide your own, or at the bottom of the supplies list I provide three links to our website where you can purchase supplies if desired.:
    – Hand sewing needle.  We recommend size 3 Crewel needles because they are small enough to hand sew with but have a bit of a larger eye than many hand sewing needles making it a little easier to thread.
    – Pin cushion that you can put your needles and pins into.  If you do not have a pin cushion a Scotch Brite Sponge with abrasive top can work – or you could even use a bar of soap.
    – About 12 round headed pins
    – Small craft scissors suitable for cutting thread.
    – Wire diamond needle threader.  We recommend the Bow Style threaders because they are a bit larger and more durable than the average wire diamond needle threaders.
    – Small spool of multi purpose thread
    – Small box or container to hold your spool of thread in
    – Safety pin or small Goody snap open hair clip
    – Cotton fabric you don’t mind practicing stitches on with a small hem – like a pillow case, sheet, or fabric napkin
    – Plastic clips can be helpful but not mandatory
    – If you have a magnetic needle holder, and a magnetic wand to find needles this can be helpful but not mandatory.(Mitsy Kit Website Links to Purchase Supplies if desired:
    The following link is for our mini hand sewing toolkit which has all you need except craft scissors, container for thread, and fabric.  Cost is $8.00 plus shipping.


    The following link is for our plastic hand sewing toolbox kit which has all you need except for fabric.  Cost is $15.00 plus shipping.


    The following link is for our coaster kit which comes with enough fabric to make two coasters and has our patented tactile borders which serve as a guide to sew a straight seam allowance.  This is a good entry level project to practice the hand stitching.  Cost is $4.00 plus shipping.


Note: For the work area preparation I would recommend to have an area at a table and a lipped tray to work in so that it will be easier to find small needles, pins, and threaders if dropped.


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