Jewelry Classes Previously Offered

Welcome to our page where you can learn about the Jewelry classes we have previously offered on Krafters Korner.

Jewelry can be created using a wide variety of beads from tiny seed beads of gemstone quality, to larger plastic beads in a variety of shapes and sizes. Beads can be strung onto beading thread or cord. The type of thread or cord to be used depends on the size of the hole in the bead as well as the type of jewelry being created.

Supplies needed for this craft


Beads, the type and size will depend on the project.

Beading thread or cord, width and length will depending on the project.

A beading needle


A beading loom for some projects

Findings such as closures and jump rings

Crimpers for securing the closures and crimps


List of classes previously offered


  1. Rosary
  2. Snow Flake
  3. Double Stranded Necklace with Crimp Tubes
  4. Star Ornament or Earrings
  5. Introduction to Right-angle Weave
  6. Two Needle Tile Bead Bracelet
  7. Stretch Bracelet
  8. Loom Knit Fine Wire Necklace
  9. Simple Earrings
  10. Elegant Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
  11. Wrapped Bracelet
  12. Bead Loom Bracelet
  13. Memory Wire Bangle Bracelet
  14. Story Telling Through Jewelry

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