Lace and Bead Wreath

Class name, Lace and Bead Wreath

Craft type, miscellaneous

Instructor, Bernice B

Class format, phone

Class date, August 17

Class time, 7:00 p.m. Eastern

Sign up deadline, August 10


Class description:

This is one of my favorite beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. It is easy but elegant. It doesn’t take a lot of time and is inexpensive to make. You can express your creativity in a number of ways. I made one in about 15 minutes once I got my materials together.

Skills needed:

Be able to handle beads and feel the holes in the lace.

Supply list:

Approximately 2 yards of lace

Approximately 85 tri-beads

note about tri-beads:

Tri-beads are beads that have 3 little knobs around the bead. The neat thing about them is that when you put them in a row, they fit into each other making the knobs alternate from one bead to the next. They come in many colors, and I have seen opaque or crystal. Any type will do for our purpose. As far as I am aware, there is one size of tri-beads, however, if you look on the internet, you may find small ones. You need the standard common size. The pipe cleaner has to fit through the hole.

1 pipe cleaner or chenille stick

enough ribbon to tie a bow around joined ends string, thin ribbon, or other hanger


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