Macramé decorative Bracelet

Class name, Macramé decorative Bracelet

Instructor, Cathy F

Craft type, macramé

Class format, phone/email combo

Class dates, Friday April 3 and 10

Class time, 7:30 p.m. Eastern

Sign up deadline, March 27


Class description:

This bracelet is made up of braids, square knots and beads. Learn to make this pretty bracelet over the phone, then have email support during the week after each class. You can choose weather you’d like to add beads or not. It’s easy to make either way.

Skills needed: none, (a four-strand braid and a square knot will be taught during class.


Supply list:

  • One cord, 5 feet or more, 2 mm or thicker – e.g. paracord, hemp or satin cord, wax cord or string, etc. (Just don’t use elastic cord(.)
  • (note, I used 2MM macrame cord)
  • Beads of your choice, suggestions are mini pony beads, or other beads, just be certain that two strands of cord will go through your bead.
  • (I used small pony beads)
  • Macramé board and T pins, or clipboard, safety pins, or another way to anchor your cord while working on the bracelet. (Note a macramé board is made of pressed wood or cork,  while the T pins are metal.) lay the project on the board and press the pins intothe fabric and then into the board.)
  • Scissors
  • Tape to prevent ends of cord from fraying
  • fabric glue to secure the knots

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