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Annie Maxwell

Here you will find a wide variety of my hand-crafted Jewelry including Bracelets, necklaces hair accessories and more. If you are interested in my products, please contact me using the information at the bottom of this page.

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B101 red cord bracelet with adjustable slider gold bead; black & red ceramic center stone $12.00
b102 beige cord bracelet with adjustable slider gold bead; peach oval stone encased in gold frame as center $12.00
b103 turquoise-color flat beaded 7-inch bracelet inlaid in silver casings with decorative magnetic clasp $12.00


e101 gold pendant dangle earrings with kidney ear wires $15.00
e102 gold double hoops, 1 & 2-inches with kidney ear wires $12.00
e103 silver round metal ball earrings with lever backs $12.00
e104 gold triple diamond-shaped 1-2-1/2-inch earrings with kidney ear wires $12.00
e105 frosted beaded with silver textured six-sided center stone earrings with kidney ear wires $12.00
e106 clear Swarovski

crystals with rose-colored sparkly center beaded earrings, kidney ear wires

e107 double hooped silver 1 & 2-inch earrings with kidney ear wires $12.00
e108 2-inch silver hoop earrings with royal-blue hanging pendants in center, kidney ear wires $15.00
e109 heart-shaped flat pearl earrings in gold casing with kidney ear wires $15.00
e110 round ice-blue seed beaded 1-inch earrings with kidney ear wires $12.00
e112 navy-blue square ceramic bead earrings with antique decorative silver posts $12.00
e113 light brown pendant earrings in gold casing with gold posts $15.00
e114 6-sided tiger-eye earrings in gold casing with gold posts $20.00
e115 round silver frame with tangerine-colored stones earrings with kidney ear wires $12.00
e116 1/2-inch silver heart metal bead earrings with posts $12.00
e117 royal-blue dangle pendant earrings in silver casing with posts $15.00



h101 2-inch gold flat barrette with decorative gold bead in center $10.00
h102 1-inch cream-colored sparkly bead barrette $8.00
h103 2-inch royal-blue beaded barrette with decorative silver bead in center $12.00
h104 1-inch variegated brown ceramic covered barrette $10.00
h105 3-inch silver-and-pearl barrette with silver hearts $15.00
h106 2-inch barrette covered with sparkly gold beading $15.00


n101h 20-inch fresh-water pearl necklace with silver magnetic clasp $25.00
n102 black round pendant necklace in silver casing on 22-inch braided leather cord with lobster claw clasp (male/female) $20.00
n103 frosted and silver crystal necklace with crystal pendant in gold casing, bar clasp $25.00
n104 2-inch oval frosted pendant in a decorative silver frame on 20-inch thick silver chain $35.00
n105 beige-colored oblong 2-inch pendant on 20-inch thin gold chain $35.00
n106 variegated green oblong 2-inch pendant in gold casing on 22-inch flat gold link chain $40.00
n107 flat rectangle green pendant with metallic gold across top on 22-inch gold link chain $15.00
n108 frosted large oval pendant on thick 20-inch silver chain $40.00
n109 black-and-silver square pendant on 20-inch leather cord, lobster clasp $15.00
n110 white stone pendant in gold casing with gold bar at top on thin gold chain $35.00
n111 heavy oval pastel pink stone pendant on 20-inch rose-gold thick link chain with gold magnetic clasp $40.00
n112 2-inch oval green pendant in gold casing on braided cord with lobster clasp $15.00
n113 1-inch copper leaf pendant on 20-inch copper link chain $20.00

Jewelry Sets


s101 chunky turquoise beaded set with crystals and decorative magnetic clasp; set includes 20-inch necklace, 8-inch matching bracelet and earrings with kidney ear wires $50.00
s102 natural and fresh-water pearl mix 18-inch necklace with matching earrings, kidney ear wires $35.00
s103 20-inch pastel pink chunky beaded necklace with matching earrings, kidney ear wires $35.00
s104 white 2-inch seashell pendant necklace with etching on a 20-inch slender silver chain with matching shell earrings $40.00
s105 decorative gold beaded necklace with long silver Swarovski crystals in center with matching dangle crystal earrings $40.00

Annie Maxwell

Address:  2469 N Bryan Circle, East Point, GA 30344

Phone:  404-788-7942