My Teaching Experience

Teaching for many can be a scary thing. I know from experience. the first class I taught was pretty scary and I’m still pretty new at it and still learning, but I was reminded of something very basic in the last class I taught and that’s the power of the act of kindness. Just before… Continue reading My Teaching Experience

Labeling tags

Tips for Today   Labeling tags   I use tags for labeling my spools of thread that I attach a “Pen Friend label”. I came across this on Amazon link can be found below.   What I used prior was a bit more expensive, but it worked well.  This is far better and have some… Continue reading Labeling tags

Best Tacky Glue Ever!

Hello, My friend Joyce Kane recommended aleene’s Super Thick tacky glue 4 ounce jar a few months ago.  It was available on Amazon, and I love shopping Amazon.  While on the site I found aleene’s Original tacky glue bottles.  They could point and dispense the glue on a spot the size of a pin point. … Continue reading Best Tacky Glue Ever!