Loom Knit Teddy Bear

Class name, Loom Knit Teddy Bear

Craft type, loom knitting

Instructor, Jewel G

Class format, phone

Class dates, May 19 and June 9

Class time, 2:00 p.m. Eastern

Sign up deadline, May 12


Class description:

Have you ever wanted to make a knitted stuffed animal? There are some basic techniques that are used for many stuffed animals. In this class, we will learn how to make a basic teddy bear. The emphasis will be on techniques that may be new to knitters and are used for many stuffed animals. These techniques include short rows, color changes, bringing original stitches back, internal decreases, sculpting with stuffing, and details to make the personality of the bear. Registration for this class is agreeing that you have knowledge of the required techniques listed. In the first half of the class in May, we will focus on the bear’s head. In the second half, we will move on to the body and finishing techniques. If time allows in the second half, we can have a discussion about changing the pattern to make other animals or different looks.

If you want suggestions for yarn and facial details, please feel free to ask me directly or on the list. There are many materials available for faces such as safety eyes and noses, buttons, beads, embroidery floss or contrasting yarn, and rhinestones. For yarn, you are welcome to use whatever yarn you like that matches the gauge of your loom (3/8″ or 1/2″ for worsted, 5/8″ for bulky or jumbo). You can make a two-toned teddy bear or a solid colored one. My favorite is eyelash/faux fur yarn in worsted or bulky weight for the bear and an equivalent gauge of a non-fuzzy yarn in a contrasting color for the other (which is used for the muzzle and inside of the ears). This is the second intermediate to advanced class in a series toward making your own design in time for Halloween!


Skills needed:

Students must know how to do

*True knit and purl

*Drawstring cast-on and gathered bind-off

*Threading a tapestry needle and mattress/blanket stitch

Note: Please do not register for this class if you will need assistance with the above techniques. We will not have time to go over them.


Supply list:

*24 peg loom (the gauge of your loom and yarn will determine the size of your bear)

*Loom tool

*Tapestry needle


*Yarn of your choosing, suggestions will be made below

*Material for eyes and noses (if the animal is for a child, please stick to something that cannot come loose, such as safety eyes/nose or embroidery)



To sign up for this class email your name, phone number, email address and the class name, to:

Krafters korner classes at gmail.com