Knitted Stuffed Christmas Tree

Class name, Knitted Stuffed Christmas Tree

Instructor, Bernice B

Craft type, needle knitting

Class format, email and phone combo

Class dates, August 3 and August 20

Class time, 7:30 for the phone portion of class

Sign up deadline, July 24


Class description:

This is a simple pattern for making a stuffed Christmas tree that is about 12 inches tall. The design lends itself to decorating before completing the sewing and stuffing.

The email portion of class contains the knitting instructions for the tree. This is followed by the phone portion of the class which focuses on sewing, stuffing and decorating the project.

Skills needed:

knitting, pearling, creativity for decorating.

Supply list:

  • Small amount of worsted weight yarn
  • size 6 or 7 needles
  • yarn needle
  • small amount of fiberfill for stuffing.
  • (If you sign up, I’ll send you a list of suggestions for your decorations to get you started on thinking and gathering.)


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