No Sew Fourth of July wall hanging

Class name, No Sew Fourth of July wall hanging

Craft type, miscellaneous

Instructor, Tammy R

Class format, zoom

Class date, June 22

Class time, 3:00 p.m. EST

Sign up deadline, June 12


Class description:

Mitsy Kit is excited to be providing a 4th of July wall or door hanging kit activity. This is a no sew wall hanging that uses two 13-inch fleece squares that are white with blue profiles of Lab dogs wearing a red bandana and a few scattered red stars.  The two thirteen-inch fleece squares will have firm batting in the middle and will be laced with red shoe laces on all four sides.  Then draped from the left or right bottom corner will be two doubled over strands of red, white, and blue fleece ribbon.  There will be a dowel attached on top back edge of fleece squares with another shoelace looped over it to hang on wall or door.  In the center of the hanging shoe lace loop will be a round card stock circle with the words Happy 4th of July.

Skills needed:

Simple lacing of shoelaces through tactile bordered holes in two layers of fleece and a stiff batting, and ability to tie bows with shoelace tails.

Supply list:

You can order the kits for $18.00 using the link below.  The price includes shipping cost.  REMEMBER TO TYPE IN SHIPFREE WITH NO SPACES IN COUPON CODE TO GET FREE SHIPPING!

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