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Here you can see a list of classes currently being offered for sign-up by clicking the current classes link below.

Are you wondering where would be a good place to shop for your crafting supplies?

If so, check out our resources page link below
for a list of local and online suppliers.

Are you interested in teaching a class here on Krafters Korner?

If so, check out our class proposal forms page to get more information and/or to submit a class proposal.


Are you new to Krafters Korner?

If so, we offer you a first class free to try. After

that, membership in the division is required to take additional classes. Both email and conference call phone classes are offered.

Click on the membership link below for more information about joining the NFB Krafters Division.


Would you like to learn about the many classes we have previously offer. if so, check out our previously offered classes page link below.
Ready to take aclass? Click on the current class page link below to learn the specifics about the classes currently open for sign-up. Then click on the individual class page of your choice to learn the specifics about that class.


How to sign up for a class in three easy steps:

Step 1. Send a message to the teacher. You can find the teacher’s email address on the class description page. Let him/her know that you are signing up for the class.
Step 2. Go to the sign up page by clicking the sign up link and fill in all the fields on the sign up form.
Step 3. Check your inbox to make sure you received a confirmation of your class sign up; this confirms your email address was input correctly, as you received a confirmation message.


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