Loom Knitting Classes Previously Offered

Welcome to the list of loom knitting classes previously offered here at Krafters Korner.


First, we have provided a list of supplies you will need to loom knit, along with descriptions of each.

Below this information, you will find a list of crochet classes previously offered by Krafters Korner. If you see a class that you would like offered again, please post your request to the listserv and one of our volunteer instructors may decide to offer the class if there is enough interest by others.


What is loom knitting?

A loom has pegs that stick upward from a solid base. Yarn is wrapped around the pegs to form loops. Using a tool one loop is pulled over another loop and over the peg to drop into the center of the loom to form a stitch. Many people find loom knitting easier than needle knitting and it is a popular craft on Krafters Korner. Anything that can be needle knit can be loom knit.


Supplies For this craft include:

  • Knitting looms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A loom can be round, rectangular, oval or square. A loom can have as few as three pegs or as many as over one hundred pegs. Looms can be purchased having pegs that are placed further or closer together thus creating the knitting gauge.
  • Loom tools are a small straight object with a handle on top, with a small pointed end at the bottom that points outward ninety degrees or curves downward.
  • Yarn comes in many different thicknesses or ply. The yarn you use will depend on the pattern as well as the size of the loom gauge you will be using.
  • Tapestry needles come in various sizes to fit the thickness of the yarn. Generally, a#16 needle is used with worsted weight yarn while a#20 needle is for bulky and super-bulky yarns. These needles are used to weave in ends when the project is completed.
  • Stitch markers come in a variety of shapes, are usually plastic and come in a package. There are locking stitch markers, which close around a stitch like a safety pin. Split ring markers are a circle and a half, allowing the marker to be quickly attached or removed from a peg or stitch
  • List of classes previously offered

  • 1. Introduction to the Knifty Knitter
  • 2. Beginner Basics
  • 3. Knifty Knitter Snowman
  • 4. Slipper Sock
  • 5. Mittens
  • 6. Lacy Shawl
  • 7. Learn Mock Crochet Stitch
  • 8. Flower Loom Christmas Stocking Ornament
  • 9. Chevron, Shell, and Seed Stitch Scarf
  • 10. Baby Booties
  • 11. Beginner Dishcloth
  • 12. Child’s Beaded Hat
  • 13. Beginner Double Rake Loom
  • 14. Seed Stitch Soap Sack
  • 15. Coaster, Dishcloth, or Potholder
  • 16. Learn to Make Cables
  • 17. Poncho
  • 18. Flower Loom Basics
  • 19. More Cables
  • 20. Afghan
  • 21. Cable Knit Hat
  • 22. Baby Blanket
  • 23. Mitered Square Scallop Scarf
  • 24. Striped Christmas Stocking
  • 25. Karius and Baktus Scarf or Shawl
  • 26. Knifty Knitter Scrubby
  • 27. Perfect Pumpkin Patch
  • 28. Christmas Tree Ornament
  • 29. Lace Christmas Ornament
  • 30. Christmas Bell
  • 31. Just Go Round In Circles
  • 32. Purl Heart Afghan
  • 33. Basic Beanie Hat
  • 34. Basket Weave Slouch Hat
  • 35. Warm It Up with Wristers
  • 36. Ribbed Hat
  • 37. Long Loom Basic Scarf
  • 38. Pot Holder/Hot Pad
  • 39. Figure-Eight Stitch Scarf
  • 40. Carol of the Christmas Bells
  • 41. Hooded Scarf
  • 42. Sports Team Hat
  • 43. Three Ball Snowman
  • 44. Lacy Reversible Hat
  • 45. Cozy Hooded Cowl
  • 46. Bell and Mini Stocking
  • 47. Neck Warmer 
  • 48. Baby Hat
  • 49. Two Pouches
  • 50. Head Band
  • 51. Holiday Ornaments
  • 52. Basic Knit Hat
  • 53. Fall Football Cuddle Sack
  • 54. Lace Skinny Scarf
  • 55. Basic Triangle Shawl
  • 56. Flower Dishcloth
  • 57. Fingerless Mitts
  • 58. Holiday Scrunchy
  • 59. Fall Pumpkin “Loom-a-naries”
  • 60. Stitch Patterns Sampler
  • 61. Rolled Brim Hat
  • 62. Santa Hat
  • 63. Fairies Wear Boots Cowl
  • 64. Newborn Cable Hat
  • 65. Mitered Square Scarf
  • 66. Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth
  • 67. Chevron Stitch Dishcloth
  • 68. Little Pines Dishcloth
  • 69. Striped Christmas stocking
  • 70. Paint By Numbers Shawl
  • 71. Basic Loom Knit hat
  • 72. knit stitches, pop Up Class

    72. Loom Knit Flat-panel Scarf


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