Caring and Sharing

Class name, Caring and Sharing

Craft type, miscellaneous

Instructors, Tammy F and

Shelley S

Class format, phone/email combo

First Saturday of the month

Class time, 1:00 p.m. Eastern

This class is ongoing, you only need to sign up once for all of the monthly projects.

Sign up deadline, none, sign up anytime)


Class description:

Caring And Sharing is an ongoing project that Krafters Korner has

started. Every last Monday of the month we will be having a guest speaker come and talk about a charity, so that we can learn more about it and the

type of donations they take.

There are three ways of participating in this project.

One, you can give to a

charity of your choice and let us know what items you have donated so they

can be included in the charity group count.

Two, you can come to the Monday night chat and make craft items and donate to the charity of your choice.

three, you can join the caring and sharing class and be part of their email list and Saturday classes.

So, if you’re a member of Crafters Corner and like to give back,  email and let me know what the craft item or items are  you have donated and how many of that item.

We won’t be keeping track of how much each person donates just the amount of


Here is an example: 3 hats, 6 soap sacks, 1 baby blanket.

There are two ways to report your donations. One if your part of the caring

and sharing email list you can send your donation numbers there, or if you

don’t want people to know what you’re giving you can write me, Shelley,  using the link to my name above.

You may also send a picture of your crafted items that can be shared with

others to let them know what sorts of projects we have been working on.

Skills needed:

To be announced on our listserv and this class email list.

Supply list:

To be announced on our listserv and this class email list.

To sign up for this class send your name, email address, phone number, and the name of this class to:

krafters korner classes at