Crochet Classes Previously Offered

Welcome to the list of crochet classes previously offered here at Krafters Korner.

First, we have provided a list of supplies you will need to Crochet, along with descriptions of each.

Below this information, you will find a list of crochet classes previously offered by Krafters Korner. If you see a class that you would like offered again, please post your request to the listserv and one of our volunteer instructors may decide to offer the class if there is enough interest by others.


Supplies For this craft


  1. Crochet hooks come in a wide variety of sizes and textures. The smallest hook is used to crochet lace while the thickest can be used to crochet thick blankets or winter ware. Hooks come in plastic, aluminum, bamboo and wood.
  2. Yarn comes in many different thicknesses or ply. The yarn you use will depend on the pattern as well as the size of crochet hook you will be using. For example, when using worsted or medium weight yarn hook sizes G, H, I, and J are typically used.
  3. Tapestry needles come in various sizes to fit the thickness of the yarn. Generally, a#16 needle is used with worsted weight yarn while a#20 needle is for bulky and super-bulky yarns. These needles are used to weave in ends when the project is completed.
  4. Stitch markers come in a variety of shapes, are usually plastic and come in a package. There are locking stitch markers, which close around a stitch like a safety pin. Split ring markers are a circle and a half, allowing the marker to be quickly attached or removed from a needle or stitch
Crochet Classes Previously Offered

 1. Beginner Basics
 2. Cupcake
 3. Introduction to Tunisian Crochet
 4. Edgings
 5. Christmas Potholders
 6. Holiday Basket
 7. Cell Phone Cover
 8. Paper Clip Ice Skate Ornament
 9. Granny Squares
 10. Cro-Hooking For Beginners
 11. Ruffle Hair Scrunchy
 12. Here Comes Susie Snowflake
 13. Shell Baby Blanket
 14. Fun with Single Crochet
 15. 3-D Christmas Tree
 16. Holiday Place Mat
 17. Star
 18. Easy Baby Booties
 19. Decorative Round Place Mat
 20. Prayer Shawl 
21. Angel Lollipops
 22. Button and Crochet Angel
 23. Heart
 24. Crochet version of Knitted Knockers
 25. Crochet Counting and New Stitches
 26. Soap Sack
 27. Small Market Bag
 28. Hooded Scarf
 29. Turtle
 30. Baby Ripple Afghan
 31. Basic Square Dishcloth
 32. Fish Dishcloth
 33. Sunburst Dishcloth 
34. Crochet Snowman
 35. Santa Dishcloth
 36. Eternity Scarf
 37. Christmas Granny Squares
 38. Tunisian Crochet
 39. Crochet Easter Basket
 40. Maryjane Baby Shoes
 41. Crocheted Plarn Gardener’s Mat
42. Mini Mitten Decoration
43. Crochet Flip Flop Slippers - Pop Up 
44. Crochet Rose Afghan Square
45. Beginner Crochet
46. Crochet Towel Topper 
47. Cathy’s Pretty Crocheted Place Mat 
48. Tunisian Crochet for Beginners 
49. Crochet Cupcake Pincushion for the Holidays,
50. Granny Square Angel Ornament

51. Crochet Corner to Corner

52. Mystery Crochet Project


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