Listserv for The NFB Krafters Group

Welcome to the NFB Krafters group listserv sign up page.

Would you like the opportunity to chat via email with other blind and visually impaired folks that enjoy crafts?

if so, please join our listserv. It is free and we welcome you to join us.

Here you are invited to ask questions and join in on our discussions.

To join the listserv just click the link below.

Please keep in mind a couple of guidelines we have on this listserv.

This is a fairly active listserv, so, we ask that you reframe from private conversation on the listserv. If you wish to speak with someone privately you can post an email to the list with the person’s name in the subject line, then in the body of the message provide your email address and ask them to contact you off list. (note, remember that this is a public list so any information you provide about yourself is available to anyone on the internet.

It is important to change subject lines if you are introducing a new topic of conversation. In this way, members can better decide which messages to read and which they’d rather skip.

We do not share patterns of any kind on the list itself whether free or paid for patterns. If you wish to share a free pattern to members of the list you can do so by providing a link to the pattern in a post to the listserv.

An exception to this, is when a pattern is provided during a Monday or Friday night chat. These patterns can be posted to the list for all to enjoy.


Join the Email listserv.