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miscellaneous Craft  Classes Previously Offered


What are miscellaneous crafts?

Miscellaneous crafts  are crafts that do not fit into a particular category.


Supplies for miscellaneous Crafts

A wide range of supplies  are used depending on the craft .


Miscellaneous Craft Classes Previously Offered

The following miscellaneous craft classes have previously been offered by Krafters Korner. If you see a class that you would like offered again, please post your request to the listserv and one of our volunteer instructors may decide to offer the class if there is enough interest by others.


1. Clay Pottery Magic Spirit Treasure Box with Lid
2. Clay Forest Spirit Pottery Plate
3. Clay pottery Cylinder Vase
4. Introduction to Kumihimo
5. Basic Kumihimo Braiding and Beyond
6. Kumihimo Candy Cane Stripes Bracelet

7. Kumihimo Four-Strand Braid

8. Kumihimo Seven-Strand Round Braid

9. Using Beads and Color In Kumihimo Braiding

10. Candy Wreath
11. Strip Fabric Wreath
12. Tie-Dye
13. Learning Yarn Palettes
14. Holiday Dish Towel Topper
15. Recycled Flower
16. Make it a Rustic Christmas!
17. Cookies in a Jar
18. Introduction to Locker Hooking
19. Santa’s Head
20. Snowball Fight in a Bucket
21. Box Stitch Lanyard
22. Plarn Tote Bag

23. Plarn Floor Mat
24. Dream Catcher
25. Household Items Turned Into A Treasured Gift
26. Hand-Made Goodies
27. Christmas Candy Cane Ornament
28. Crackers with a Twist and Music Ball
29. Braided Sailor’s Bracelet
30. Fabric Memo Board
31. Best Friend’s Christmas Wreath
32. Mini Easter Basket
33. Fun Making Soaps
34. Apple Cinnamon Ornaments
35. Stocking Hat Ornament
36. Pipe Cleaner Dancing Princesses
37. Rudolph Reindeer Ornament
38. Creating Bird Feeder
39. Barbie No Sew Clothes  and Accessories
40. Staying Clean and Healthy with Essential Oils
41. Duct Tape Lilies
42. Towel and Washcloth Bunny
43. Jellybean Jars
44. Easter Egg Bouquets
45. Amish Peanut Butter Easter Eggs
46. Marshmallow Pop
47. Pressed Flower Placemats for the Picnic Table
48. Duct Tape Bag
49. Flip flop Up Do,
50. Duct Tape Belt,
51. Gummy Bear Candy
52. Mother’s Day Wreath or Bouquet
53. Magazine Bead Class
54. Watermelon No Sew Wreath

55. NO Sew Pillow
56. Learning about Yarn
57. Quilling Angel Ornament
58. Essential Oil Air Fresheners Cinnamon Orange
59. Polymer Clay Creations

60. Making Bath Scrubs
61. Tissue Carnation flower

62. Twisted Paper Angel

63. Braille Drawing of an Eifel tower,

64. Braille Drawing of a Christmas Tree

65. Victorian Lace Christmas Ornament

66. Cinnamon Sachet

67. Cute and whimsical Ornament

68. Yarn Ornaments

69. Braille drawing of a Tulip

70. Braille Drawing of a Flower in a Pot

71. Braille Drawing of a Turkey
72. Celebrate Advent

73. Dressing Your Easter Eggs

74. Christmas Candy Cane and Angel Towel Ornaments

75. No Sew Fleece Pillow
76. Valentine Candy Cards
77. Leather Moccasins
78. Kumihimo 7-strand round braid
79.  God’s Eye
80.  Teacup Candle
81.  Polymer Clay Springtime Flower Pot magnet
82.  Uncle Sam or Aunt Samantha Gnome
83.  Braille drawing of American flag
84.  No Sew Fourth of July wall hanging
85.  Christmas mystery project

86.  Cooking biscuits from scratch
87.  Unique wooden clothes pin Rocking Chair
88.  Mitsy Kit Christmas Quilted Table Topper
89.  Mitzy Kits Joy wall hanging
90.  no-sew 48-inch fleece patchwork blanket
91.  Celebrate Advent
92.  Braille drawing Easter basket
93.  Braille drawing speckled egg
94.  Coffee filter flowers
95.  Pipe cleaner flowers

96.  Christmas card ornament
97.  Ribbon angel
98.  Applesauce and Cinnamon Scented Ornaments
99. Kumihimo Eight Strand Spiral Braid Bracelet

100.  Braille cat picture card.
101.  Lace and bead wreath
102.  Toilet paper peppermint
103.  Kumihimo square-braid keychain
104.  Braille cuddly teddy with hearts
105. Braille sailboat card
106.  Flowers for Mom
107.  Braille picture card smiley face
108.  Braille picture card truck



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