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Needle Knitting Classes Previously Offered


What is needle knitting?

A long, thin, pointed rod used in pairs to knit yarn into cloth.


Supplies For this craft

knitting needles

Straight, circular, or double-pointed knitting needles,  The type, size and length of the needles depend on the project. Needles can be purchased separately or in sets.

knitting needles Composition

Knitting needles can be made from

steel, wood, bamboo or plastic.


Yarn comes in many different thicknesses or ply. The yarn you use will depend on the pattern as well as the size of needles you will be using. The thinnest yarn is used to make lace, while the thickest is used for blankets and winter ware.

Tapestry needles

Tapestry needles come in various sizes to fit the thickness of the yarn. Generally, a#16 needle is used with worsted weight yarn while a#20 needle is for bulky and super-bulky yarns. These needles are used to weave in ends when the project is completed.

Stitch markers

Stitch markers come in a variety of shapes, are usually plastic and come in a package. There are locking stitch markers, which close around a stitch or needle like a safety pin. Ring markers come in a variety of sizes to fit around knitting needles. They are a flat disk   with a hole in the center for the needle. Split ring markers are a circle and a half, allowing the marker to be quickly attached or removed from a needle or stitch.

Stitch holders come in sizes small, medium and large and are shaped like a large safety pin. They are used to set aside stitches to be worked on later.

Cable needles

Cable needles come in a variety of shapes including V and J shaped. These small needles come in plastic, wood or metal and are used to set stitches aside in front or behind one’s work when making a cable. They are only needed if you are planning to knit cables.


Needle Knitting

Classes Previously Offered


The following needle knitting classes have previously been offered by Krafters Korner. If you see a class that you would like offered again, please post your request to the listserv and one of our volunteer instructors may decide to offer the class if there is enough interest by others.


1. Beginning Knitting Using a Magic Loop
2. Knitting Using Two Circular Needles
3. Knitting a Basic Hat
4. Beginner Needle Knitting
5. Learn Double Knitting
6. Knitted Military Helmet Liners
7. Increasing and Decreasing While Knitting
8. Knitted Cozy House shoes
9. Using Life Lines While Knitting
10. Knitting Cast-on Techniques
11. Knitting, Color Work with Intarsia
12. Knitted Socks
13. Knitting Using Short-row Shaping
14. Knitted Mittens
15. Knitted Neck-down Baby Sweater
16. Quick Knitted Scarf
17. Knitted Seed Stitch Christmas Tree Bags
18. Knitted Ruffle Scarf
19. Knitting Mittens On Two Circular Needles
20. Knitted Short-Row Scarf
21. Knitted Seamless, Cozy Hat Using 2 Circular Needles
22. Knitted Stuffed Bear
23. Knitted No-Sew Miniature Pull-Over Raglan Sweater
24. Knitted Christmas Tree Ornament
25. Learning the Kitchener Stitch
26. Knitted Cable Scarf
27. Learning Knit Stitch Patterns
28. Trinity Knit Stitch Prayer Shawl
29. Knitted String Of Lights Dishcloth
30. Knitted Melody Lace Dishcloth
31. IKnitted Valentine Heart Dishcloth
32. Knitted Feather and Fan Dishcloth
33. Knitted Spring Lamb Dishcloth
34. Knitted May Flower Dishcloth
35. Knitted Honeycomb Pattern Square
36. Knitted Sun Fish Dishcloth
37. Knitted Lattice Motif Square
38. Knitted Fireflies Dishcloth
39. Knitted Seaweed Pattern Square
40. Knitted Christmas Tree Dishcloth
41. Knitted Star Coaster
42. Knitted Cable Dishcloth
43. Knitted Small Cloud Square
44. Knitted Cancer Awareness Dishcloth
45. Knitted Mitered Square Dishcloth
46. Knitted Wine Bottle Cozy
47. Knitted Tulip Lace Square
48. Knitted Wrapping It Up Dishcloth
49. Knitted Knockers
50. Knitted Angel Lace Bookmark
51. Knitted Snowflake Dishcloth
52. Knitted Plastic Bag Dispenser
53. Picking Up Dropped Stitches While Knitting
54. Knitted Hearts
55. Knitted Lace Heart Dishcloth
56. Knitted Waterfall Square
57. Learn to Knit and Purl
58. Knitted Alternating Lace Square
59. Knitted Beginner Dishcloth
60. Knitted Textured Dishcloth
61. Knitted Zigzag Square
62. Knitted Arch Lace Square
63. Knitted Sea Shell Dishcloth
64. Knitted Little Shells Dishcloth
65. Knitted Apple for the Teacher Dishcloth
66. Knitted Falling Leaves Dishcloth
67. Knitted Thanksgiving Dishcloth
68. Knitted Star of David Dishcloth
69. Knitting Swatching & Measuring
70. Knitted Twisted Ripple Stitch Dishcloth
71. Knitted Simple Vest
72. Knitted St. Patrick’s Day Dishcloth
73. Knitted Ten Stitch Dishcloth
74. Knitted Slipped Stitch Dishcloth
75. Knitted Double Knit Dishcloth
76. Knitted Christmas Soap Sack
77. Knitted Dropped Stitch Dish Cloth
78. Knitted Circular Dish Cloth
79. Knitting Another Thanksgiving Dishcloth
80. Knitted Miniature Cable Sweater Ornament
81. Knitted I-cord Edged Dishcloth
82. Reversible-cable Dishcloth
83. Knitted Flip-top Mittens
84. Knitted Entrelac Dishcloth
85. Knitted Shamrock Dishcloth
86. Knitted Quick and Easy Baby Hat
87. Knitted Quick and Easy Baby Booties,
88. Knitted Bubbles the Sunfish Dishcloth
89. Knitted Ceramic Dishcloth
90. Knitted Poinsettia Cloth or Hot Pad
91. Knitted Gingerbread Ornament
92. Knitted Celtic Cable Dishcloth
93. Knitted toe-up socks on two circular needles
94. Knitted Sea Swells Dish Cloth
95. Knitted Lovely lacy Keyhole Scarf
96. Knitted Christmas Angel Dishcloth
97. Knitted Feather and Fan Crescent Shawl
98. Knitted Honeycomb Stitch Cloth
99. Knitted Cables and Moss Stitch Heart Dishcloth
100. Knitted Shannon Irish Fisherman’s Afghan
101. Knitted Shamrock with Bobbles Dishcloth
102. Knitted Braided Cable Dishcloth
103. Knitting Samples of ribbing
104. Knitted Xs and Os Cable Dish Cloth
105. Knitted Twisted Columns Dishcloth
106. Knitted I-cord cast on and bind off dish cloth and an I-cord Candy Cane Ornament
107. Knitted Stuffed Christmas Tree
108. Knitted Hexagon Dishcloth
109. Knitted Silver Birch Cardigan
110. Knitted Diamond Cables Dish Cloth
111. Group Project Knitted Afghan Rectangles
112. Knitted Claw Cable Dish Cloth
113. Knitted Seed Stitch Beanie
114. Knitted Bobbles and Trellis Dish Cloth
115. Knitted Forgiving Afghan

116. Knitted Log Cabin Pattern and Picking Up Stitches On the Edge of a Bind off
117. Needle Knitting bind off
118. Knitted Belt or Hair Band/Tie

119. Easy to Knit Potholder
120. Knitted Christmas Tree

121. Fixing Knitting Mistakes

122. Pumpkin Toilet Paper Cozy

123. Felting Knitted Items
124. Knit a Mystery project Using Short Row Shaping
125.  Warm Diagonal Scarf

126. Two Row Textured Scarf
127. Easter Egg Bag
128.  Knitted neck tie
129.  Nautical Squares Afghan
130.  Butterfly stitch
131.  Lacy scarf

132.  wine bottle cozy knit in the roung with 2 circular needles
133.  Christmas Sparkle Placemat and Napkin Ring
134.  Knitted rose
135.  Cozy knitted house slippers
136.  Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
137.  Snowflake placemat and napkin ring
138.  Circular dish cloth and more
139.  teddy bear
140.  cane holder
141.  Knit top-down baby cardigan
142.  Frosty the Snowman knitted mitts
143.  Cute knitted chick Easter basket
144.  Yarn basket ornament
145.  Mouse catnip toy
146.  Wonderful ridged knitted scarf
147.  Mittens with a flower pattern
148.  Knitted Counted Cross Stitch Prayer Shawl
149. Wave dishcloth
150.  Bunny slippers

150.  Log cabin afghan
151.  Kilkenny fisherman’s knit afghan
152.  how to create your own knitted projects without a pattern
153.  Snowman Wine Glass Candy Holder
154.  Bunny square
155.  Tiny Easter egg bunny
156.  Knit scrubby
157.  Knit two-color lighthouse dishcloth
158.  Knit Roses in June picture cloth


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