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Origami Classes Previously Offered


What is origami ?

Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. Ori means to fold while kami means paper. Together they form the word origami.
Having precise verbal or written directions a visually impaired person can learn to make many items out of paper.


Supplies For Origami Crafts

Square or rectangular shaped paper
Scissors for some projects


Origami Classes Previously Offered

The following origami classes have previously been offered by Krafters Korner. If you see a class that you would like offered again, please post your request to the listserv and one of our volunteer instructors may decide to offer the class if there is enough interest by others.


1. Origami Box
2. Origami Fish
3. Origami Heart With a Box
4. Origami Mini Folder or Wallet
5. Origami Mystery Model
6. Origami Crane
7. Origami Box and Star Flower
8. Origami Square Gift Bow
9. Origami Open Pouch or Packet
10. Origami Crown or Crown Box
11. Origami Modular-Triangular Open Box
12. Origami One Snip Star
13. Origami Pyramid Container
14. Origami Christmas Bell
15. Origami Heart From Rectangular Paper
16. Origami Photo Frame
17. Origami Seedling Tray
18. Oerigami Gift Card With Bow
19. Origami Seed Packet
20. Origami Simple CD Cover
21. Origami Flat Christmas Tree
22. Origami Two Easy Envelopes
23. Origami Pumpkin

24. Origami flower

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