Plastic Canvas Classes Previously Offered

Welcome to our page containing plastic canvas classes previously offered on Krafters Korner.


What is plastic canvas?

Yarn is used to weave in and out of a sheet of plastic canvas. The canvas  contains holes in a grid.  weaving yarn in and out of the holes forms a fabric. The canvas can be cut and sewn into a variety of shapes to create items.


Supplies needed for this craft


  • Plastic canvas sheets or shapes
  • Yarn in a weight that will be able to be woven through the holes in the canvas
  • Yarn needle to weave the yarn through the canvas
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape



Here is a list of the plastic canvas classes previously offered on Krafters Korner.


1. Tissue Box
2. Beginners Loop Coasters
3. Horizontal Stripes Tissue Cube
4. Ribbon Candy Christmas Ornament
5. Holiday Loop Coasters
6. Peppermint Key Chain
7. Santa Ornament
8. Plastic Canvas Reindeer
9. Plastic Canvas Holiday Star
10. Bargello Tissue Box
11. quick and easy plastic grid Christmas star
12. Ribbon Candy Ornament

13. Plastic Canvas Discussion, Pop-Up Class

14. Plastic canvas Bookmark Class, Pop-up Class


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