Pony Bead Classes Previously Offered

Welcome to our page containing the Pony Bead classes we have previously offered on Krafters Korner.

Pony beads are plastic, come in many colors and have a larger hole than most beads. They come in two sizes.

The traditional pony bead size is 6x9mm and whole size is about 4mm. Mini pony beads are 4x7mm with a hole size of about 3mm.

These beads are worked on satin cord, thick wire, or yarn to create many items. The advantage of using these beads is that no needle is required to work on a project.


Supplies you will need for this craft

Pony beads, the color and size depend on the project

Satin cord, width and length depend on the project


List of classes previously offered

1. Butterfly Banner
2. Elephant Heart Banner
3. Spring Flowers Banner
4. Ornament Banner
5. Ladder Stitch
6. Peyote Stitch
7. Peyote Coin Purse
8. Pony Bead Coasters
9. Pony Bead Candle
10. Pony Bead Puppy Paw Key Chain
11. Pony Bead Labrador Retriever
12. Pony Bead Cross
13. Mysterious, But Fun, Beading Adventure
14. Pony Bead Leprechaun
15. Pony Bead Easter Chick
16. Pony Bead Halloween Black Cat
17. Pony Bead Ghost
18. Pony Bead Spider
19. Pony Bead Jack-O-Lantern
20. Pony Bead  Frankenstein’s Monster
21. Pony Bead Indian Corn and Pumpkin
22. Pony Bead Snowflake
23. Pony Bead Snowman
24. Pony Bead Reindeer Ornament
25. Pony Bead Penguin and Snowman
26. pony bead Ghost
27. Pony Bead Christmas Tree
28. Pony Bead Indian Corn
29. Pony Bead Pumpkin
30. Pony Bead Snowman
31. Pony Bead Valentine’s Day Kiss
32. Pony Bead Leprechaun Hat
33. Pony Bead Shamrock
34. Pony Bead Bunny
35. Pony Bead Cupcake
36. Beaded XOX Key chain – Pop Up Class
37. Holiday Cupcake Pony Bead Ornament
38. Pony Bead Skeleton
39. Pony Bead Black Cat New
40. Pony Bead Witch
41. Pony Bead Jack O Lantern
42. Pony Bead Devil


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