Safety Pin Beading Classes Previously Offered

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Safety Pin Beading Classes Previously Offered


What is safety pin beading?

Beads in a variety of sizes are placed on safety pins in a variety of sizes. There are two type of safety pin beading classes. one uses seed beads to make a decorative pin while the other uses larger beads and wire to form objects.

Small seed beads are placed in a particular order on a number of small safety pins. Then all of the pins are then attached to a larger pin in a particular order that will create a picture. You can then wear the pins.

Other safety pin beading projects use larger beads, which are placed on pins of different sizes and then the pins, are strung onto wire and shaped to form a particular shape. Rows of these pins are strung one atop another to form an object.


Supplies For Safety Pin Beading Crafts


Beads, the size and type will depend on the project.

Safety pins

Safety pins, the size will depend on the project.


Wire, the length and thicknesses of the wire will depend on the project.

Wire cutters

measuring tape


Safety Pin Beading Classes Previously Offered

The following safety pin beading classes have previously been offered by Krafters Korner. If you see a class that you would like offered again, please post your request to the listserv and one of our volunteer instructors may decide to offer the class if there is enough interest by others.


1. Safety Pin Candle Votive
2. Safety Pin Lighted Christmas Tree
3. Safety Pin Heart Shaped Basket
4. Safety PinHot Air Balloon
5. Safety Pin Elegant Easter Basket
6. Safety Pin Beginners Basics
7. Safety Pin Striped Lighthouse
8. Safety Pin Sun Catcher
9. Safety Pin Lighted Jack-O-Lantern
10. Safety Pin Snowman
11. Safety Pin Easter Egg
12. Safety Pin Lighted Spiral Lighthouse
13. Safety Pin Santa Sleigh Candy Dish
14. Safety Pin Gingerbread House
15. Safety Pin Classy Square Basket
16. Safety Pin Elegant Christmas Tree
17. Safety Pin Christmas Wreath
18. Safety Pin Angel and Christmas Tree Ornaments
19. Safety Pin Dog
20. Safety Pin Decorative Watering Can
21. Safety Pin Country Church
22. Safety Pin Snow Flake
23. Lighted Santa
24. Safety Pin Holiday Turkey
25. Safety Pin Christmas Star Ornament
26. Safety Pin Lighted Teddy Bear
27. Safety Pin Schooner
28. Safety Pin Mini Jack-O-Lantern
29. Safety Pin Silver Bell

30. Christmas Tree Seed Bead Pin
31. Heart Seed Bead Pin
32. Snowman Seed Bead Pin
33. Bunny Face Seed Bead Pin
34. Ballet Dancer Seed Bead Pin

35. Uncle Sam Seed Bead Pin

36.  Beaded Angel Pin
37. Safety Pin tiny Christmas basket

38. Safety Pin Beaded Boo!
39. Safety Pin Beaded Peppermint Stick Key Chain
40.  Shamrock pin

40. Safety Pin Beaded Christmas Tree
41.  Leprechaun hat
42.  American flag pin

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