Class Proposals for Teachers

Welcome to the NFB Krafters group teachers Page.

Here you can sign up to teach a class. Use the links below to sign up to teach a telephone, Zoom or an email class.

Telephone Class Proposal form 

Zoom class proposal form

Email class proposal form


For phone/email  class, please use the telephone class proposal form and indicate in the class description that your class will also have an email list attached to it.
For a Zoom/email class, please indicate in the class description that your class will have an email list attached to it.
For any questions, email our class registrar  using the link below.

class registrar


Hello to all teachers, or new potential teachers

If you are considering or have decided to teach a class on Krafters Korner you may find the information below helpful.


How do I know if the class I am thinking of teaching is something others might wish to learn about??

If you have a craft project in mind and are uncertain if folks would be interested in learning it, you might want to post on the list to get some feedback before deciding to teach a class.

What are the steps I must take in order to teach a class?

The first step is to contact Tammy, our president privately to share your idea for the project you are considering teaching, along with whether you were interested in teaching an email or phone class. If a phone class, you would want to let Tammy know what day of the week and time you would be willing to offer the class. In addition, it is helpful for her to know how many sessions you think you will need for the class.

Contact Tammy by using this link:

Tammy Freitag

What is the next step?

Once you and Tammy have agreed on a date and time, go to the teachers page and fill out the class proposal form needed. Links to these forms can be found at the top of this page. It might also be helpful to save this page to your bookmarks/favorites for easy access in the future.

Tips for  filling out the class proposal forms.

It is important to be aware that there are separate class proposal forms for telephone and email classes.

It is advisable to review what information you will need to provide before you begin the process of filling out the form.

Please note that for a telephone

class proposal, a proposal must be submitted five weeks before the class date and that an email class proposal must be submitted six weeks before the class date. This is to ensure that there is time for the class to be placed on the site and for students to have time to sign up for your class and purchase supplies.

What happens after I complete the proposal form?

Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email from the website confirming that your proposal has been accepted. As soon as your class has been posted to our website, you will receive another  email letting you know that your class is up on the class’s page and ready for sign up.

It is at this time that you can begin chatting up your class on our listserv.

What are pop up classes?

If you prefer you can schedule a “pop up” class with Tammy. by emailing her at:


This type of class needs to be scheduled only two weeks before the starting class date. This type of class is not posted on the website for sign up. Instead the instructor must advertise their own class on the listserv and must ask students to email them privately to sign up.

Next step to take when teaching a telephone class.

About a week before a phone class you will be sent an important email. This email will contain basic information about the class, dates and times, as well as a specific phone number and access code, which you will be using for the conference call during the class. Below this information will be a list of all the students in your class, including names, emails and phone numbers. The reason you are given this information is that you will now need to contact each of your students via email to send them a welcome message containing the basic information about the class including date, time, and phone number. Be certain not to send the class list to your students. This is private information for only you as instructor.

On rare occasions, you may need to cancel a class. If this happens you can post a message to the Krafters korner listserv, send emails to your students, or even call them to let them know that you have had to cancel the class. Of course, the sooner you can contact folks the better.

Next step to take when teaching an email class.

A week before your class is to begin you will receive a list of the students who have signed up to take your class. Our class registrar will also receive this list and will create a special email list for your class.

On the date set for an email class, you will receive an email letting you know that the email list for your specific class has been created. You and All members of your class are subscribed by the class registrar to this special list. What you need to do next is to send a welcome message to the special list for your class and say hello to all of your students. It is a good idea to ask all students to check in to ensure that everyone is subscribed to the list and receiving emails. When everyone has checked in you are ready to write your first lesson post.

If a student contacts you to let you know that they signed up to take your class but are not receiving emails, please send our class registrar the person’s name and email address so they can be added to the list.

Class registrar

Good luck and enjoy your teaching experience on Krafters Korner. Our members greatly appreciate your willingness to help others to learn a craft and/or make something they have never made before.

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