Blind Woman Knits Hats for the Homeless

I am having a great time knitting hats for charity.  My local yarn store collects them and when they have plenty, they give them to an agency in the next town that serves homeless families.

A friend of mine bought a big bag of yarn from Michael’s, several colors, to use in a party game, and he gave me all the leftovers, which was quite a lot.  All the colors go together so I can mix them however I like.

I’m enjoying trying different patterns and seeing how they come out.  So far, I am using rib patterns, because they are stretchy, so the hat could fit a variety of people’s heads.  They also create warm, cozy hats.  I’m making my hats with 2 different colors, one main and one for some stripes, to jazz them up a bit.

The hats are pretty small, so they’re very easy to throw in a bag and work on during a meeting or whatever.  Plus, they don’t take long to make.  I’m a slow knitter, and I’m making a hat a week.  The yarn store owner tells me another person is undergoing cancer treatment and bashing out hats while she waits around for doctors.

It’s fun, trying different things on something quick that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, once it gets going, and then turns into something attractive and useful, without adding to my already extensive hat collection.

I’m lucky that my local yarn store is coordinating this project. but I know other Krafters Korner members are knitting or crocheting for charity through their church or local hospital, and a Google search for “knitting for charity” also turns up quite a few possibilities.

Tracy C



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