Knitting a Friendship Shawl

I love to knit, particularly with knitting needles. I enjoy the process of the knitting far more than the finished project. For this reason, most of what I knit, I end up giving away to someone as a gift.

This month was no exception. I just completed knitting a shawl from a pattern book entitled, “FriendShip Shawls,” by Debbie Macomber. The pattern I made was entitled, “A Hug to Keep,” and was designed by Cathy Hardy. What a simple but pretty shawl this turned out to be! Using bulky weight yarn and size 10 needles, the pattern is of a triangular shawl where the knitting begins at the bottom tip, and the shaping is achieved by adding on stitches using the knit cast on method in a stair-step pattern.

I gave the shawl to my sister when she visited me this weekend. It is sure to keep her warm this winter. She lives 400 miles away, so the shawl is my hug for her till we can see one another again.

Cathy F


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Blind Woman Knits Hats for the Homeless

I am having a great time knitting hats for charity.  My local yarn store collects them and when they have plenty, they give them to an agency in the next town that serves homeless families.

A friend of mine bought a big bag of yarn from Michael’s, several colors, to use in a party game, and he gave me all the leftovers, which was quite a lot.  All the colors go together so I can mix them however I like.

I’m enjoying trying different patterns and seeing how they come out.  So far, I am using rib patterns, because they are stretchy, so the hat could fit a variety of people’s heads.  They also create warm, cozy hats.  I’m making my hats with 2 different colors, one main and one for some stripes, to jazz them up a bit.

The hats are pretty small, so they’re very easy to throw in a bag and work on during a meeting or whatever.  Plus, they don’t take long to make.  I’m a slow knitter, and I’m making a hat a week.  The yarn store owner tells me another person is undergoing cancer treatment and bashing out hats while she waits around for doctors.

It’s fun, trying different things on something quick that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, once it gets going, and then turns into something attractive and useful, without adding to my already extensive hat collection.

I’m lucky that my local yarn store is coordinating this project. but I know other Krafters Korner members are knitting or crocheting for charity through their church or local hospital, and a Google search for “knitting for charity” also turns up quite a few possibilities.

Tracy C



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Meet Krafters Korner

I am thrilled you are reading this post. Krafters Korner is a division of the National Federation of the Blind. We are crafters from all over the world. Many of us are blind or work with others affected by blindness. We all love crafting and sharing with one another.

One way we share info is through our listserv. We post on a wide range of crafting topics with the spirit of helpfulness. If you would like to join our list serve go to our listserv page here:


We also offer a wide range of fantastic classes for all abilities in many crafts. These classes are taught over the phone zoom or email. The phone classes involve calling a chat line number on the given night. Here you will be able to hear both the teacher and your fellow classmates. We laugh a lot. We encourage one another and overall have lots of fun. The email classes help meet the needs of people’s busy schedules. Each class has a separate group and the instructor emails you directions on the craft. You and your classmates can email each other with questions or concerns.

In order to take these classes you will need to become a member of the Krafters division. Our dues are $20 per year. These give you unlimited access to our classes and allow you to vote at membership meetings. If you are new to our group, your first class is free in order to help you experience our learning environment. To learn more about our membership please go to our membership page here:


To see the latest classes we offer go to our current classes page here:
current classes.

We also offer Monday night chats and Friday night get-togethers via conference call.  These have different topics ranging from crafting ideas to blindness tips and tricks. Check out our home page for the times and phone number to call.
Krafters Korner home page

Please ask any questions. This is a group where we all want to help one another and see others succeed. Whether you are newly blind and so discouraged on where to get started…or you may just want to learn a new craft. You will find an incredible amount of priceless help here that will continue to strengthen your crafting toolbox. You may find that you want to teach a class here as well. We welcome new teachers. Check out our teachers info page here:

: Teachers.

Happy Crafting!



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