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Labeling tags


I use tags for labeling my spools of thread that I attach a “Pen Friend label”.

I came across this on Amazon link can be found below.


What I used prior was a bit more expensive, but it worked well.  This is far better and have some advantages.


50 Pack – CleverDelights Yellow Plastic Tags – 2″ Round – Tear-Proof and waterproof – Inventory Asset Identification Price Tags

  • 2″ Diameter – Yellow – 10 mil thick – Waterproof and tear-proof
  • Reinforced metal eyelet – 5/32″ hole
  • Smooth surface accepts pencil, pen, and markers
  • Thin, but sturdy without edges.


I believe you can Braille on it, but I did not try.

I use ¼” rubber bands &it fits thru the metal hole.


They do come in 3” size, too.



Price $17.49 free Prime shipping


They also sell them in 100 count



Joyce Kane



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