My Teaching Experience

Teaching for many can be a scary thing. I know from experience. the first class I taught was pretty scary and I’m still pretty new at it and still learning, but I was reminded of something very basic in the last class I taught and that’s the power of the act of kindness. Just before my class a person asked for the pattern even though they hadn’t signed up for the class. It’s not normal practice to share your pattern if they haven’t signed up for the class and shown up to take the class. In checking with the higher powers, I was told it was up to me if I wanted to share the pattern. I opted on sharing the pattern with a friendly reminder of the importance of signing up to the classes. Shortly after I received a thank you note telling me how grateful they were of my kindness since they are dealing with a family member and close friend being affected by COVID-19 at this time. It warmed my heart to think that a simple pattern brightened someone’s day and that their knitting at this time may be providing them some comfort. Thank you, Krafters Korner, for reminding me that we never know what others are experiencing and that crafting can make a difference.

Shelley S



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