Crafting Challenge for 2019?

Crafting Challenge for 2019?


Each year as the New Year rolls around I take stock of what I have accomplished over the past year and what my hopes are for the upcoming year.


I have always dreamt of making an Aron Fisherman Knit Sweater.  I have the yarn, a friend brought it back from Ireland for me.  I just need the confidence.


In order to gather the skills, I will need to take on this dream I have been teaching myself different stitches.  I will have a final piece that is uniquely my own creation using the stitches I have learned.


I have been teaching a monthly knit dish cloth class here on Krafters Korner for four years.  This year, as I embark on my fifth year of teaching these classes here on krafters Korner I will be teaching primarily different stitches to use in a project like the Aron Fisherman Knit Sweater.  These stitches could also be used in lovely blankets for little ones, or a nice afghan throw for the living room couch.


The January class is a honeycomb cable stitch.  I was so excited to learn this stitch and now to be able to teach it to others here.  I have a beautiful Aron afghan my Grandmother made me for my wedding.  The center panel is the honeycomb cable and the texture is incredible.  I have now finally been able to knit that stitch myself!


When I started teaching these classes here on KK, I was just an advanced beginner knitter.  I used the opportunity of teaching these classes to encourage myself to step out of the comfort zone and to learn new techniques and then share these techniques with other blind knitters.  This experience has help me to grow and expand as a blind knitter.


So, my challenge for 2019 is to come up with 12 different stitches for the 12 classes I will teach.


What is your crafting challenge for 2019?


How can you share that challenge with other blind crafters?




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