Best Tacky Glue Ever!


My friend Joyce Kane recommended aleene’s Super Thick tacky glue 4 ounce jar a few months ago.  It was available on Amazon, and I love shopping Amazon.  While on the site I found aleene’s Original tacky glue bottles.  They could point and dispense the glue on a spot the size of a pin point.  The link described two bottles of glue and two of these amazingly accurate dispensers plus a small funnel to load them.  As a blind person, I have found the task of applying glue to a specific spot to be difficult, so I sprang for this little kit.


When the box arrived, the funnel was nowhere to be found; but the bottle caps were shaped like a cone with a point small enough to fit inside the rim of the small dispenser bottles.  The dispenser bottle caps had a point as tiny as a pin and a cap to fit on the pin with a tether affixed to the rim.  Now that’s what I call convenient, and I’m all about being easy and organized.


My first project was to glue a seed bead to the end of a wire.  Definitely precision work, and I was prepared.  I tipped my glue bottle upside down inside the rim of the tiny dispenser and began to pour.  Gravity held the glue away from the upturned spout, so I squeezed the plastic bottle.  Boy this glue is super tacky!  So, I squeezed and squeezed and waited, remembering the ancient TV commercials about Heinz Ketchup that featured the popular hit song “Anticipation.”  I finally gave up when the dispenser was about one-third full, enough glue to last through dozens of projects I was sure.  So, I screwed on the cap and placed the needle point against the spot where the wire protruded through the end of the tiny seed bead.  I began to squeeze the bottle.

And I squeezed and squeezed, singing that Anticipation tune as I waited.  I placed the fingers of my other hand at the end of the applicator in hopes of feeling the glue when it decided to join me outside the dispenser.  I think the universe expanded and contracted several times before the glue finally appeared.  When it did, I spread it around the area with my fingers, putting down the applicator with its needle-like dispenser tip, wondering if the glue would dry up and clog the tip before I could get my fingers free of glue before replacing the handy tethered cap


As I sat there making a mess, I thought how nice it would be to stick my fingers into a wide-neck jar and dip out just the right amount of glue and place it exactly where I need it.  So last night, before I tackled another gluing task on a different project, I poured some of that glue into a small, wide-mouth jar with a tight-fitting lid that I’d saved just for times like this.    Since the craft project that I’m currently working on requires precisely applied tacky glue at multiple spots, I have acquired some experience using this new technique for applying glue.    But then I realized, this technique is not new.  Joyce Kane discovered it and shared it with me months ago when she had recommended.

aleene’s Super Thick tacky glue 4-ounce jar.


All of this reminded me of the reason why I keep returning to Krafter’s Korner.  As a lifelong crafter and artist, I have had to relearn how to do everything non-visually since losing my sight.  The advice of blind crafters and artists who have already learned non-visual techniques is constantly flowing, always there to feed my insatiable need to continue crafting.  The men and women at Krafter’s have become longtime friends whom I count on and trust, who are ready to share, whether I listen or not.  And when I want to try something different, I am eager to share my successes with my fellow crafters.  When I make a total mess, though, I turn back to my crafting friends and appreciate them all the more. the Aleene’s tacky glue   that Joyce recommended is truly the best I’ve ever used.


Cathy Miller


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Crafting Challenge for 2019?

Crafting Challenge for 2019?


Each year as the New Year rolls around I take stock of what I have accomplished over the past year and what my hopes are for the upcoming year.


I have always dreamt of making an Aron Fisherman Knit Sweater.  I have the yarn, a friend brought it back from Ireland for me.  I just need the confidence.


In order to gather the skills, I will need to take on this dream I have been teaching myself different stitches.  I will have a final piece that is uniquely my own creation using the stitches I have learned.


I have been teaching a monthly knit dish cloth class here on Krafters Korner for four years.  This year, as I embark on my fifth year of teaching these classes here on krafters Korner I will be teaching primarily different stitches to use in a project like the Aron Fisherman Knit Sweater.  These stitches could also be used in lovely blankets for little ones, or a nice afghan throw for the living room couch.


The January class is a honeycomb cable stitch.  I was so excited to learn this stitch and now to be able to teach it to others here.  I have a beautiful Aron afghan my Grandmother made me for my wedding.  The center panel is the honeycomb cable and the texture is incredible.  I have now finally been able to knit that stitch myself!


When I started teaching these classes here on KK, I was just an advanced beginner knitter.  I used the opportunity of teaching these classes to encourage myself to step out of the comfort zone and to learn new techniques and then share these techniques with other blind knitters.  This experience has help me to grow and expand as a blind knitter.


So, my challenge for 2019 is to come up with 12 different stitches for the 12 classes I will teach.


What is your crafting challenge for 2019?


How can you share that challenge with other blind crafters?




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Knitting a Friendship Shawl

I love to knit, particularly with knitting needles. I enjoy the process of the knitting far more than the finished project. For this reason, most of what I knit, I end up giving away to someone as a gift.

This month was no exception. I just completed knitting a shawl from a pattern book entitled, “FriendShip Shawls,” by Debbie Macomber. The pattern I made was entitled, “A Hug to Keep,” and was designed by Cathy Hardy. What a simple but pretty shawl this turned out to be! Using bulky weight yarn and size 10 needles, the pattern is of a triangular shawl where the knitting begins at the bottom tip, and the shaping is achieved by adding on stitches using the knit cast on method in a stair-step pattern.

I gave the shawl to my sister when she visited me this weekend. It is sure to keep her warm this winter. She lives 400 miles away, so the shawl is my hug for her till we can see one another again.

Cathy F


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How to Make Crafts Marketable

Here at Krafters Korner we hold classes teaching blind crafters ways to create many different types of crafts. In some of our classes we learn techniques to make these crafts more marketable. Below is a note from one of our students describing some of what she learned in a recent class.

Cindy wrote:


I took the Jelly Bean Jar Class.  I learned that you should always embellish your jar lid, by doing so you can earn more money if selling the item.  We also learned a technique where you take some item and use it to cover the top of the jar.  An example would be if filling the jar with dog bones, take a dog bone or several mini dog bones and glue them to the top but don’t forget to seal the item with Modge Podge or some sealant.

Cindy Z


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Meet the NFB Krafters Division Founder Joyce Kane

Here at Krafters Korner we love creating handcrafted items from a baby blanket to a safety pin beaded ship with lots of other exciting creations in between. We just celebrated our 10th year in 2018 as a division of the National Federation of the Blind. Let’s take a moment to meet our incredible founder and president Joyce Kane.

Joyce is a native new Englander with the Yankee “can do” spirit. She resides in Stratford, CT in a beautiful three-story colonial home. She currently lives with her son J.C. Her 100-years-young mom lives next door. Joyce and her late husband John were married for 42 years. John was always a huge support to Joyce with her crafting adventures. At an NFB convention in Orlando John told me that his philosophy was that a happy wife made for a happy life. Check out the Kane Brewer Fund on our website to learn more about John and how his legacy assists others to reach their crafting dreams. Joyce and John were blessed with three children and five grandchildren. grandchildren.

Throughout the years, Joyce has always stayed active in promoting her crafting passion. These activities ranged from owning a yarn shop to teaching community education classes in all types of crafts.
She has also been very active in the Girl Scouts. Teaching girls of all age’s new crafts.

Joyce lost her vision 12 years ago from diabetic complications. Sure, she initially missed seeing this or that…but she soon learned through trial and error. As a totally blind person she effortlessly began knitting, crocheting, quilting, beading and several other crafts again. Joyce does not slow down with learning new crafting techniques. We can all learn from her willingness to try new experiences. Currently Joyce has begun her own embroidery business she is calling it “Color My World”. She will make custom items from t-shirts, bags to table runners and many other items in between. She uses a computerized embroidery machine that she just started to learn a year ago. Her creations are gorgeous.

Joyce searched for a group of likeminded blind people to share tips and tricks of the crafting world with. After she did not find such a group…she set out to begin her own group.

The Krafters Korner currently has over 50 members and we average around 40 classes a year. Joyce has provided renewed joy and excitement to many. Not just in her geographical area, but virtually all over the world. Joyce gathered a group of people to help create the foundations of this division. They saw the importance of teaching in a format that will not be hindered by the miles that may separate us. This has been accomplished in unbelievable ways. Stop by our website and check out our classes

I have been personally so encouraged through my friendship with Joyce, and I know others feel the same. Thanks for your passion Joyce and for creating Krafters Korner!


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